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Steinway 6'2" Model A (Hamburg) Grand Piano
Serial # 68452 c.1890

With the exception of Steinway's 7' Model B, Steinway's 6' Model A is their second most highly sought grand piano. Our antique Steinway Model A pictured below is a rare Hamburg Factory Model A. New Hamburg Steinways typically cost about 25% more than their NY counterparts.

This piano has a rebuilt action featuring new Renner Premium Blue-Lite hammers, shanks and flanges as well as vintage steinway whippens refurbished to factory specs. Additional updates include a new set of premium Mapes schraffed core bass strings, a complete set of new Tokiwa dampers, damper guide rail bushings, front and balance rail felts, key bushings, complete action regulation, and a new set of keytops.

This Steinway has a medium touch and clear tone that is smooth throughout all registers. Its sound is suitable for all floor surfaces. Structually, there are visible cracks in the original soundboard (typical for its age), but there are no buzzes present. Tuning stability is especially good as the pinblock was replaced about 10 years ago. As an added bonus, this piano also includes a newly installed Dampp Chaser "Piano Lifesaver" System.

This antique Steinway's case is in very good condition that was recently refinished in satin ebony that isn't too shiny nor too dull. This lovely hand rubbed finish is very attractive as it highlights the decorative molding well. It even includes a matching satin ebony adjustable leather artist bench.

New today this piano lists for $81,800 and goes up about 5% each year. Our price: $22,995 includes normal local Austin, Texas delivery, a single on-site tuning, and a limited 5-year local parts and labor warranty (excluding pre-existing conditions). Stairs and Out-of-Town Delivery cost extra. We accept all Major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) on used pianos for an additional 3%.

Showings by appointment. Call Brian Henselman at (512) 301-3503 for details or send us an email if you have any questions.

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